This guide has been designed and presented as a tool to show a part of the historical, cultural and archaeological heritage of the municipality of Lecrín, but also as a
Different way of interpreting its extraordinary natural and landscape diversity. Everything arises from the publication of the same and has been added to this web so that it can be downloaded.

The six itineraries we propose are located in several separate environments located between mountains, vegas and urban centers, some of them within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

The layout of these routes takes advantage of highways, roads and trails, so as to be easier to navigate, a scale map, a profile and distance have been included at the beginning of each route, as well as the calculated indexes for the Excursion Information Method )

The duration of each of the routes has been computed for a person with a medium preparation, backpack for a day of march, have not considered adverse weather conditions, have not taken into account brief stops, an issue that we leave open to the criterion Of the participants.

José Manuel Martín León

  Technical Guadalinfo Lecrín Center